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Baby names – The Deleted Scenes

We have a baby arriving in a few weeks. We spend a lot of time thinking about baby names. We are not sure if it is a boy or a girl. We have already settled on a girl's name. That was easy. We still cannot settle on a boy's name.  Here is a list of […]

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Great ideas for losing customers – Minimum creditcard limits.

Want to lose me as a customer, follow these guides. If you instead want me to continue shopping with you, you should ignore these guides. Have a "store policy" of limiting creditcard transactions to amounts over $10. Where do you make the most profit in retail? Low ticket items. You should make it harder for […]

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The Kevin Rudd’s “mandate” mistake

Three years ago Kevin Rudd's Labor Party won a landslide victory over John Howard's Liberal Party. Back then Kevin Rudd and Labor thought that the Australian people have given him a mandate. I think instead that the nation universally spoke out against John Howard, by proxy endorsing Kevin Rudd. That assumption two years later lead […]

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Rules for being a Creepy Guy

Creepy Guy Rule 1: The likelihood that you will sneeze whilst on public transport is inversely dependant on whether you have tissues. Creepy Guy Rule 2: Talk to the breasts. Creepy Guy Rule 3: When counting out coins at the store, mutter under your breath at the coins as if they’re not cooperating. Creepy Guy […]

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Stephen Conroy’s “Broadband Connection”

Now that Labor have formed a minority government they will be closely watched as to whether the revive their plans to filter all internet traffic in Australia in a way similar to China. This is my effort to add pressure to efforts to keep the filter dead. I hope if nothing less, it becomes a […]

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Quitting government “cold turkey”

It has been almost two weeks since I was last governed by a Prime Minister and the cravings have almost stopped. I am able to go about my day hardly ever needing oversight or legislation. I still enjoy all the things I used to. I haven’t even put on weight. I honestly think it has […]

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