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Someone “accidentally” drove OVER our chalk board! I’m looking at you, Rhino Room.

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This is how I sent my daughter to school today.

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The secret to The Upstairs Lounge’s success. Danielle and Julz.

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Things I point my phone at.

Woman, get in the kitchen and make me some apostrophes.

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I’m bringing creepy back…

To promote my Adelaide Fringe show “Creepy Guy” among my Facebook friends, I posted the status “I’m bring creepy back” as a play on the Justin Timberlake lyric. Lots of people thought it was cute, but an old friend, Charles, totally ran with it and rewrote almost the entire song. Enjoy. ♪ ♫ ♪ Mike’s […]

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BORING NERD CONTENT: Growing your Twitter followers – organic vs artificial.

Most people when they start using Twitter find themselves suffering “follower envy”. They wish they had thousands of followers like everyone else does. There are two ways to grow your followers. Artificially or organically. One of them sucks.

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