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Which is worse, being against gay marriage or not being against it, but doing nothing?

After hearing about the recent gay protest that surrounded the opposition leader Tony Abbott in a restaurant, I asked myself which of the current major parties' leaders could claim a moral high-ground in the gay marriage debate.

Tony Abbott says his Christian beliefs give him the view that gay marriage is wrong. Julia Gillard does not share that belief and has said she is not against gay marriage.

She also said she won't be changing the law in favour of gay marriage.

You can hate or support Tony Abbott for his stance, but it is one determined by his set of morals. Julia Gillard's stance seems to be determined by not wanting to upset the applecart of popular opinion.

Which one is more or less honorable?

Make of this article what you will, I'm just thinking out loud. I'm not providing actual quotes for what each leader has said, rather I'm referencing what I recall having been communicated to me through the media, so if my facts or recollections are incorrect, that just means the message from each leader has been miscommunicated to me.