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BORING NERD CONTENT: Growing your Twitter followers – organic vs artificial.

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Most people when they start using Twitter find themselves suffering “follower envy”. They wish they had thousands of followers like everyone else does.

There are two ways to grow your followers. Artificially or organically. One of them sucks.People that want to artificially grow their followers in a hurry, sign up to all kinds of follow-back lists and schemes and pretty soon they have 10000 followers and they are following 10000 people themselves.

Now you can't actually be interested in and stay up to date with 10000 people. You have to figure out how to make 'lists' and filter out the people you are not actually interested in, without actually unfollowing them, because whoever you unfollow will also unfollow you back.

And guess what? Your 10000 followers don't pay attention to you any more than you do them. Well done. You have artificially inflated your numbers with people that aren't listening.

Or you can try growing your followers organically. That is much harder, because for people to be interested in you, you need to BE INTERESTING!

If you actually say interesting things, people will retweet and 'favourite' your tweets and word will get out that you are one to follow. You will not reach the same artificial peaks that others might, but what you WILL have is people that actually pay attention to you. You will also find that you enjoy Twitter, because you are only following people that interest you.

But if you still think Twitter is a numbers game, consider these metrics that I have calculated by casually comparing my Twitter (http://twitter.com/mikeklimczak) with a leading SEO expert that has created a follow-back network of nearly 8000 followers.

Metric measured Artificial Organic
Number of followers 8000 200
Highest number of RTs per tweet 3 5
Highest number of 'favorites' 7 21
Average number of picture views 10 40

So despite him have 4000% more followers, I have better retweet numbers, more people add my tweets to their favorites and when I upload a picture for people to see, 20% of my followers ACTUALLY look at it.

He does all that work to artificially grow his numbers and gets fewer people retweeting and favoriting his tweets and when he posts a picture for them to see, only 0.125% of his followers look at it. He can't even use the old "I want a smaller slice of a larger pie" excuse because I beat him in REAL NUMBERS TOO!

Seeing that he is an expert at Search Engine Optimisation, these metrics should terrify him. On Twitter, like on web searches, ranking organically is the Holy Grail, and ranking organically because you are interesting is the only way to go. Same same.

Yes I know that my metrics might be overly simplistic, but that's kind of the point on Twitter.

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There are 2 Comments to "BORING NERD CONTENT: Growing your Twitter followers – organic vs artificial."

  • Ash Simmonds says:

    I came to the same conclusion – and oddly enough just today I’ve unfollowed everyone on Twitter just to see how many of my 1,742 followers stick around like peanut paste on the roof of my mouth.

    Mike: Thanks for the comment Ash. I must admit that I unfollowed you myself but only because of your 4square tweets. I find 4square irksome.

  • Ash Simmonds says:

    I try to keep my 4square check-ins as a semi-entertaining record of my drunkenness and debauchery, but then I find myself irksome also.

    Update: down to 1,615 followers – I CAN GET BACK DOWN TO 1500.