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NERDGASM!!! Computer controlled “quadcopters” in formation.

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NERD CONTENT: Tweak to view data easier in Google Apps forms.

Getting ready for the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival I prepared a form for comedians to fill out using Google Apps. SO EASY. The tricky bit is trying to make sense of the form submissions. The spreadsheet layout of data that Google provides you is simple enough to navigate, but because some of the fields […]

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NERD CONTENT: Can’t mount NTFS drives in OS X Lion – how I fixed it.

After upgrading my Macbook Pro to OS X Lion I was no longer able to mount any NTFS drives, not my USB drives formatted for NTFS nor even the Macbook's own BOOTCAMP partition. I could see the drives in Disk Utility but if I tried to mount them I got the error message "The disk […]

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