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Which is worse, being against gay marriage or not being against it, but doing nothing?

After hearing about the recent gay protest that surrounded the opposition leader Tony Abbott in a restaurant, I asked myself which of the current major parties' leaders could claim a moral high-ground in the gay marriage debate. Tony Abbott says his Christian beliefs give him the view that gay marriage is wrong. Julia Gillard does […]

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South Australia could be the next Dubai (but glowing!).

One of South Australia's most lucrative exports is uranium. "Ooh, that's horrible." you say. Just pretend you still don't know that fact and continue to live in an economy that would be flailing right now without such evil exports. More correctly, we export yellow cake. This is uranium in its most unrefined form and is […]

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The Kevin Rudd’s “mandate” mistake

Three years ago Kevin Rudd's Labor Party won a landslide victory over John Howard's Liberal Party. Back then Kevin Rudd and Labor thought that the Australian people have given him a mandate. I think instead that the nation universally spoke out against John Howard, by proxy endorsing Kevin Rudd. That assumption two years later lead […]

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Stephen Conroy’s “Broadband Connection”

Now that Labor have formed a minority government they will be closely watched as to whether the revive their plans to filter all internet traffic in Australia in a way similar to China. This is my effort to add pressure to efforts to keep the filter dead. I hope if nothing less, it becomes a […]

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Quitting government “cold turkey”

It has been almost two weeks since I was last governed by a Prime Minister and the cravings have almost stopped. I am able to go about my day hardly ever needing oversight or legislation. I still enjoy all the things I used to. I haven’t even put on weight. I honestly think it has […]

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