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I’m bringing creepy back…

To promote my Adelaide Fringe show “Creepy Guy” among my Facebook friends, I posted the status “I’m bring creepy back” as a play on the Justin Timberlake lyric.

Lots of people thought it was cute, but an old friend, Charles, totally ran with it and rewrote almost the entire song. Enjoy.

♪ ♫ ♪ Mike’s bringing creepy back,
Them other Nutz don’t know how to act,
You think your weird, with your hunchie back?
He screams FAIL! with your baggy sack!

Take ’em to the train!

Sexy Lady, You see I’m scruffy,
I’ll do like a cartoon dog named Tuffy.
I’ll let you tip me if you misbehave,
Just wait 2 weeks sugar please don’t shave.

Take ’em to the forest!

Come here squirrel
Go ahead, be nutz with it
Come to the track
Go ahead, just run with it C-I-P
Smell my hair, c’mon sniff it
Dank is me!

He’s bringing creepy back.
Family Guy did STAR WARS “IT’S A TRAP”.
If he did hookers he’d catch the clap.
He hates the Movie with a “Broken Back” ♫ ♪ ♫