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NERD CONTENT: How to tweet pictures from your iPhone or smartphone to WordPress instead of TwitPic or Yfrog.

Tweeting pictures from your iPhone or smartphone is super easy, thanks to the hard work of web services like Yfrog and TwitPic. In exchange for their hard work they make money from advertising on their website. Good for them.

Instead of sending my followers to TwitPic though, I would rather send people to my website so they can read my other crap, book me for gigs and click on my advertising links for "mesothelioma remedies".

This meant that for a while instead of TwitPic, I was using the WordPress app on my iPhone, creating a new blog post with just a picture in it, then copying and pasting the link into Twitter. It was a pain in the ass.

Then I started using "WP to Twitter" so that at least when I finished creating the blog post manually, I could have it posted from my WordPress to Twitter automatically.

Then I discovered the "Tweet Images" plugin for WordPress which sets up an API on your WordPress blog that your iPhone or smartphone's Twitter client can post pictures to instantly. In your Twitter client's settings instead of TwitPic or Yfrog etc for the image service, you select "Custom" and enter the correct details for the Tweet Images API on your WordPress blog and you're done. Now you can instantly upload your pictures and benefit from the traffic to your website.

Also useful is the "Clean URLs For Tweet Images" plugin which will create URL slugs for WordPress from the text in your tweet, making them easier to read and SEO friendly.

Pretty soon you'll be making $7.32 every year from your WordPress blog, just like me.