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NERD CONTENT: Tweak to view data easier in Google Apps forms.

Getting ready for the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival I prepared a form for comedians to fill out using Google Apps. SO EASY.

The tricky bit is trying to make sense of the form submissions. The spreadsheet layout of data that Google provides you is simple enough to navigate, but because some of the fields I used were paragraphs in length, a lot of the data in smaller fields wasn't easily viewable. I would have to click in a field box and then scroll to the bottom to see the smaller entry that was driven down by the large entries in other fields.

The solution was to select the entire spreadsheet and change the alignment to the top of the cell. All the information is displayed visibly at the top of the cell now and I only need to scroll down to read the longer entries.

This might be a no-brainer for most folks. It took me weeks to stop struggling with it. Probably a shame the default isn't for the alignment to be "top".