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Rules for being a Creepy Guy

Creepy Guy Rule 1: The likelihood that you will sneeze whilst on public transport is inversely dependant on whether you have tissues.

Creepy Guy Rule 2: Talk to the breasts.

Creepy Guy Rule 3: When counting out coins at the store, mutter under your breath at the coins as if they’re not cooperating.

Creepy Guy Rule 4: Hugs – Just a little bit longer. Smell her hair.

Creepy Guy Rule 5: You can get another couple of days out of that T-shirt and underwear.

Creepy Guy Rule 6: Your top five movies will never be as good as the original comic-books. Oops, I mean “graphic novels”.

Creepy Guy Rule 7: Blinking – Way too much or way too little.

Creepy Guy Rule 8: Eye Contact – Never make it, or never break it.